Everyone knows that sweet and salty is a winning combination. So I took a salty staple (potato chips) and combined them with a classic sweet (sugar cookies) just to verify the sweet/salty axiom. They did not disappoint.

If you've ever had the Compost Cookies at Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City, you'll understand the thinking behind this, although the cookies here are the purist's version of the Compost Cookie. Why clutter something so good with additional (ahem, unnecessary) ingredients?

Yet another plus for these potato chip cookies is the crunch of the potato chips dispersed among the soft cookies. And yes, they really do hold their crunch. The pecans I added put another layer of wonderful texture in too.

I love the darker color and depth of flavor achieved by adding brown sugar to a typical sugar cookie recipe, so I did one part dark brown sugar and one part light brown sugar here. The hint of molasses is exceptional up against the potato chips and pecans. And then I had fun by added a tablespoon of coconut cream liquid rather than a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

These cookies check all the boxes: sweet and savory, crunchy and chewy, and of course, fun and experimental.