I love s'mores—who doesn't? The combination of flavors, the crunch, the melty delight and the browned marshmallows signify summer possibly more than anything else. But you certainly don't need to limit yourself to one season for a s'mores-esque treat. In fact, I would argue that these bars elevate the s'mores experience enough to the point that they ought to be eaten year-round.

Think about the two main downfalls of regular s'mores:

1) They leave your mouth dry, so you reach for the milk ASAP.
2) They're incredibly messy.

With these bars, dryness is a non-issue because each layer carries enough moisture that,while you might swig some milk afterwards just for the pleasure of it, but it's not a necessity. And while the graham cracker crust does get a bit crumbly, it’s nothing compared to the gooey marshmallow hands you have to endure by a campfire. I brought some to a friend's party and it was an instant hit. Trust me, you want to try these.