By FWx Editors
Updated March 16, 2016

Fans of awkward, uncomfortable situations still have a while to wait for the next season of Louis. It’s creator, director and often exasperated leading man, Louis C.K. said recently he “doesn’t know when he’ll be ready to produce more episodes,” so how will we fill the Louis-sized whole in our lives? With fried chicken. During the last season of his show, our man Louis had to go to a potluck and all he wanted to do was bring fried chicken. But because this is an episode of Louis we’re talking about, no one cared and it did not end well. The fried chicken though—that looked great.

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Redditor Oliver Babbish decided he wanted to see if could recreate it for his series Binging with Babbish. The secret? Lemon juice in the eggs. Check out his video above for the surprisingly easy recipe.