So you procrastinated, like you always do. It's okay! There's still time. 
Credit: los_angela/Getty Images

Mother's Day is the most popular day in the year for dining out, so making a dinner reservation is essential if you want to treat your mom to one of her favorite restaurants. If you still haven't booked something for the May 13 holiday, don't worry—you're not a bad son or daughter. (We're not mad, we promise; we're just disappointed.) There's still time to put something on the books, so you can defend your title of Favorite Child and make your siblings look bad.

Here are a few tips for clinching a last-minute Mother's Day dinner reservation, because your mom "doesn't need anymore things."

Be flexible with timing

You'd be surprised at how many tables are available on the earlier or later side—around 6:00 p.m. or 9 p.m. If you go to dinner earlier, hit up a nice cocktail spot after the meal to keep the night going. If your dinner starts later, kick off the night with cocktails as you wait for your table. Basically, make sure cocktails are involved. (Here are nine you can make.)

Consider this app

Last-minute dinner reservations just got easier with OpenTable's new redesign. The app features two new tabs: Book and Discover. The Book tab shows you nearby restaurants based on your location and which time slots they have available, as well as a scrollable menu to search by cuisine type, so you can filter through restaurants based on what’s available, rather than trying a bunch of restaurants to see if they’ll have a 7 p.m. slot.

Go someplace chill

"You can go for something that's more relaxed and comfort food-y and you can still have a great experience," said OpenTable's Chief Dining Officer Carline Potter when we asked her how to finagle a last-minute Valentine's Day reservation. We agree, always. Our favorite taco trucks don't take reservations and they are just as good, if not better, than most fancy restaurants.

Hear us out—scratch the whole thing

Instaed of going out for dinner, why not stay in for brunch? Here's a lovely spring brunch menu you can make the night before. Or, try these 30-minutes-or-less breakfast recipes you can make for her in the morning.