YouTube personality The King of Random (aka Grant Thompson) once again proved he’s worthy of his name by showing the world how to make Lego gummy candy. Be forewarned: Reaching the King’s level of Lego perfection isn’t particularly easy. Though the gummy bricks featured in the video interlock just like the plastic toys of your youth (or nerdy adulthood), making them requires a custom silicone mold, which might be further than most people will go for a DIY gummy project.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try whipping up a simpler batch. Though they won’t be stackable, you can also use ice cube trays purchased from the Lego store to make relatively authentic-looking bricks and Lego men. Or, as the video points out, you can make gummy anything you want, really. Once you follow Thompson’s gummy recipe, you can use (and even reuse) this gelatin in any mold you like to make all sorts of custom gummy projects.

However, if you do want to reach The King of Random’s level of expertise, it might be worth the extra effort. How much fun would it be to construct an entirely edible Lego castle?

[h/t Neatorama]