Francis Mallmann's mouthwatering gnocchi presents pefectly contrasting flavors.

By Annie Quigley
Updated May 24, 2017
Potato Gnocchi with Chorizo Sauce
Credit: © David Malosh

"It's very important to have opposites in life," says Argentinean chef Francis Mallmann. "You sleep one night in a beautiful hotel, and then the next night you sleep under a tree. If you always sleep in a palace, it's very boring. And if you always sleep under a tree, it's sort of chilly." Mallmann—the author of Mallmann on Fire and the "Ambassador of Fire" at Miami Beach's Faena Hotel, where he has a new restaurant, Los Fuegos—applies this philosophy of opposites to his food. For example, in his gnocchi with chorizo sauce, "the chorizo has a very peasant, strong flavor, and the delicate gnocchi melt in your mouth. When you have clashes of tastes in your mouth, it makes you awake." 3201 Collins Ave.;