Have you ever found yourself sitting peacefully in a Japanese garden, staring deeply into the water of a koi pond and thinking "man, I wanna eat one of those giant goldfish?" Uh, yeah… me neither. Even if that thought had crossed your mind, you'd be hard pressed to find any of the prized carp on the menu of most sushi restaurants. Luckily, YouTube user JunsKitchen has shown us the next best thing: sushi shaped like koi.

Under the watchful eye of a very anxious and very fluffy kitty, the step-by-step process is pretty simple as long as you've got some decent knife skills. Before you go grabbing around in your kid's aquarium for a snack, you should know there's no actual koi involved. Instead it's a mix of shrimp, squid and spicy cod roe along with some sushi rice, seaweed and a cucumber (which the cat is decidedly NOT scared of). Radishes and more cucumber as garnish complete the tranquil scene. The final result looks as beautiful as it does delicious.

This would definitely be a perfect date-night dinner to impress the special person in your life (or special feline, whatever floats the boat in your koi pond). And it certainly beats swallowing an actual goldfish to make them like you, which we all did at the school carnival. Right? If the sushi whets your appetite for Japanese cuisine, JunsKitchen has many more recipes on his channel, and yes, they feature more shots of his adorable kitty riding in a bike basket on their way to the market.