By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 18, 2015

Look, I’m not so uptight that I think only waffles can be cooked in a waffle iron. Hash browns, pizza, even filet mignon: The waffle iron is way more versatile than most people give it credit for. But there are some things you would never even think of waffling—like sushi. But that’s just because you aren’t dreaming big enough.

On Instagram, dad_beets has racked up nearly 20,000 followers by featuring great photos of some pretty awesome foodstuffs he’s whipped up, as well as a few tips on how to make them. Last week, he totally outdid himself featuring his take on how to cook a tuna roll in a waffle iron. “For everyone who thought this wasn't going to work, shame on you,” he says in his Instagram post. “It absolutely works.”

So what does it take to make these crispy “sushi waffles”? First, dad_beets says you can use any sushi as long as it’s cold. He used a spicy tuna avocado roll that he bought at Whole Foods and popped in the freezer for 20 minutes. His second step: “I turned my waffle iron to the very highest setting and let it heat until I could see smoke.” Third, oil up both the sushi and the iron to get maximum crispiness and keep it from sticking. Step four: “Let the weight of the waffle iron do the work. No need to press down.” And then, finally, “When it looks golden and crispy, unplug the waffle iron and let the rolls sit for 30-60 sec before carefully removing with a fork or thin spatula.”

The results look tasty and oddly not ridiculous. Next up: I’m going to see what happens when I pour an entire bowl of ramen into my waffle iron.