By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 20, 2016

Cancel your weekend plans! Yes, even seeing The Angry Birds Movie! Thanks to the YouTube channel NightHawkInLight, you have a fun new DIY weekend activity: building your own cheese ball machine gun.

“Whoa,” you’re probably saying. “A gun? I’m not the violent type.” But this isn’t a normal gun shooting out deadly bullets. Instead, this gun shoots out delicious cheese balls! Yes, that’s the same snack you bought a 35 ounce container of and still have 31 ounces left. Turns out making this project will actually fight food waste – because you were just going to throw out all those stale cheese balls anyway.

Making your snack-flinging shooter isn’t particular complicated, though it does require some specific parts – like a leaf blower and some PVC pipes. But don’t focus on the potential difficulty and cost in acquiring the parts. Instead, keep your focus on the wonderful finish line: littering your entire neighborhood with cheese balls.

Then, come Monday, when everyone is hanging out around the watercooler talking about The Angry Birds Movie, you can say, “Guess what I did?! I made a cheese ball machine gun!” And then your coworker will be like, “Yeah, I saw that YouTube video. I didn’t think anyone would be dumb enough to actually do that.”