Those tools are probably just gathering dust in your garage anyway.

By Clara Olshansky
May 09, 2017
Courtesy of Westend61 / bmcent1 / Getty Images

You don't need power tools to make a cheeseburger. In fact, the addition of power tools really just makes the whole cheeseburger-making process way more difficult. Still, that didn't stop Colin Morris and Micah Gordon of YouTube channel This Is Mythical from constructing a cheeseburger with a miter saw, a wood chipper, a blowtorch, and a heat gun, because testosterone.

Morris and Gordon started by cutting up their vegetables and cheese with a miter saw, because apparently a good kitchen knife on a cutting board just wouldn't do. Then they took a big old hunk of beef, chopped it into smaller chunks with the miter saw, and fed them through a wood chipper, which is the most raw meat a wood chipper has seen since Fargo. As it turns out, wood chippers are really good at grinding beef.

Rather than using a stovetop like a sissy, these guys cooked the beef with a blowtorch and a heat gun. The blowtorch acted as the stove's burner, sitting below the grill pan, and the heat gun was held above. The final product looked surprisingly edible. Even kind of tasty. Ironically, one of the burger's creators, Colin, is a vegetarian.

The video is part of Mythalicious, a YouTube series full of odd taste tests and surprising food creations. Before the cheeseburger, Colin and Micah had successfully cooked a pizza with power tools. Other unique culinary methods featured in the series include baking cookies with a Shake Weight and trying to cook mac and cheese in goggles that flip everything upside down.