By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 09, 2016
© Amy Erickson/Oh, Bite It!

Things get pretty hectic leading up to the Super Bowl. You have to research the history of the coin toss to see if you can find a statistical edge for prop betting, et cetera, so I don’t fault you for missing some great pre–Super Bowl recipes, even from food blogs you know and love.

For instance, on Friday, the blog Oh, Bite It unleashed its recipe for Bacon Fried Twinkies—a short way of saying Twinkies that have been wrapped in bacon and deep-fried. The aggressive mix of savory and sweet is surprisingly simple to make—the instructions, like so many from the blog, are only about two steps (wrap and fry)—though the effect it will have on your health is probably far more complex.

So, yes, you may not have come across this outrageous snack in time to make it for the big game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some special—or non-special—reason to bacon-wrap and deep-fry some Twinkies. And to be honest, this is the kind of snack that should in no way be associated with any sort of athletic event anyway.

You can get the whole recipe here.