By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 18, 2014
© fruitmould

One issue we’ve always had with fruit is that it looks so boring. Wouldn’t it better if your pears looked like, say, smiling babies? There are pear-shaped people, so why not people-shaped pears?

That’s the thinking behind a Chinese company called Fruit Mould. They first came to our attention for selling underwear designed for peaches, but the brand’s bread and butter is plastic molds in the shape of happy babies and Buddhas that you affix to any young, impressionable fruit you have growing. As the fruit matures, it grows into your preferred shape.

If you find eating babies or Buddhas a little unnerving, Fruit Mould also sells casts for growing heart-shaped cucumbers, an apple imprinted with the word “love” or a square watermelon. You should absolutely grow your own square watermelon, by the way. Otherwise it could run you more than $800.

The molds are cheap (most cost less than $5) and available by contacting the Fruit Mould store.