For every photo deleted, Land O'Lakes will donate 11 meals to Feeding America.
Land O'Lakes Instagram Food Donation
Credit: © Getty Images/Cultura RF

Would you delete your best Instagram photos to feed someone in need?

With its "Delete to Feed" campaign, Land O'Lakes is hoping to increase awareness around the hunger epidemic in America by scrubbing food photos from the net. The dairy producer, along with The Martin Agency, will donate millions of meals to Feeding America—if you're willing to delete food pics from your feed. The campaign challenges people across America to delete food photos from their Instagrams in order to contribute to the cause; for every photo deleted, Land O'Lakes will donate 11 meals to the organization.

To participate, users can visit the Delete to Feed website and link their Instagram—that way, the campaign can keep count of all of the avocado toast and summer ice cream pics being given the boot. Once linked, the user can simply select and delete the pics from there, all the time knowing they're helping to put dinner on the table of a struggling family.

"This small act has a big payoff, since each deleted photo provides 11 meals to those in need. Hopefully, this helps raise awareness of the food insecurity problem within in the United States," says Andy Azula, SVP and executive creative director of The Martin Agency.

Delete to Feed is expected to run through mid-October, or until Land O'Lakes reaches their goal of donating $250,000, equivalent to 2.75 million meals. Participating in the campaign is quick and easy, and something tells us your Instagram followers won't exactly miss that pic of last week's pizza order either.

[h/t Adweek]