By Clara Olshansky
Updated May 06, 2016

How can a simple piece of dishware make the world a better place? Ad agency BBDO Bangkok brings us AbsorbPlate, a plate designed to absorb the excess grease of your deep-fried Thai dinner. The plate is designed as part of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation's effort to combat Thailand's obesity problem, since Thailand has the second highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia. Hopefully, with a little more clever dishware and a little less oil, that ranking can start to go down.

Each AbsorbPlate has 500 little holes that can absorb 30 calories of pure oil from your deliciously greasy Thai meal. The plate design was inspired by the way that sponges work, using holes to absorb liquid. And while 30 calories may not be the difference between a healthy meal and an unhealthy meal, it's a start.

What's the philosophy behind this unexpected innovation? Basically, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and BBDO Bangkok figure, if you can't stop people from eating all the greasy foods they love and are used to, at least you might be able to change how much of the grease actually goes in their mouth.

This isn't the first innovative collaboration between BBDO Bangkok and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The two also worked together on The Message from the Lungs, a frighteningly visual anti-smoking ad that shows bottles on bottles of ink made from the black material in smokers' lungs. It also features many anti-smoking messages and works of art written in this ink. It's straight up haunting, and it works. Apparently the ink project increased participation in the foundation's quit-smoking program by 500%.