Bad news for cauliflower lovers.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017

It wasn’t long ago that cauliflower was considered to be a bland, steamed side dish. Even more flavorless than its green cousin, broccoli, it was a dinner table afterthought at best. But then chefs gave the cruciferous vegetable a chance and showed the world just what it could do. They doused it in gochujang and prepared it like Korean-style fried chicken, they roasted it whole in brick ovens, they sliced it thick and served it like a vegetarian steak. And people started liking cauliflower—maybe too much.

According to the Washington Post, we’re in the midst of a perfect cauliflower shortage storm: Chefs’ innovative dishes and popular diets like Paleo have made cauliflower trendy to eat and cook. Meanwhile, unseasonably low temperatures and frosts have hurt cauliflower crop yields in California and Arizona. There’s lots of demand and little supply. That means you might have trouble tracking down cauliflower at your local grocery store and, even if you do happen to come across a few, you could spend upwards of $8 for just one head.

So what’s a cauliflower lover to do? Definitely make the most of any heads you invest in with these great recipes and maybe try another member of the brassica family—like kohlrabi or good old broccoli.