By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 22, 2016

The people behind the YouTube channel How to Make Everything have made a lot of cool stuff from scratch –a $1500 chicken sandwich, a $900 root beer float, a $1700 chocolate bar – but they’ve recently decided they want to a boozier focus. And thus they’ve announced the launch of a new series: How to Brew Everything.

“This new series of ‘How to Brew Everything’ is going to be a little different than our regular series, as each episode will be about making the same thing: alcohol,” Andy George says in the teaser above. “Through it, we'll be exploring all the different ways and methods that alcohol can be produced. In the end, the quest is to basically learn how to make alcohol from everything.”

However, the name of the series has a couple inherent flaws. First, not everything that is brewed contains alcohol, like coffee and tea for instance. But more importantly, not all alcohols are “brewed.” Though “brewing” is the process of making beer, it most specifically refers to the step where a grain is steeped to release fermentable sugars. Technically, what makes the alcohol is fermentation. When the sugars are already in the liquid being fermented – like when making wine from grape juice or cider from apple juice – there’s no brewing at all, only fermentation. This is why you don’t hear people talk about “brewing wine.” So a better title would probably be “How to Ferment Everything.” But of course, not everything that is fermented is alcoholic: pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt, you get it.

Probably the best title: “We’re Bored Making YouTube Videos and Just Want to Get Drunk.” I think that about covers it.

Regardless, the debut episode of the not-quite-perfectly-titled “How to Brew Everything” – featuring how to make wheat beer – should be hitting YouTube any day now.