By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 27, 2016
fish, hook, fishing
Credit: © Zoonar GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Looking for the most convenient way to get fresh fish at home? Don’t take a long drive to some shady fishmonger. Don’t even bother having some jerk deliver fish right to your door. Instead, head to Skiatook, Oklahoma, where you can buy a house built to let you fish indoors through a hole in the floor.

According to Tulsa’s KOTV, Paul Phillips has been involved building “hundreds” of houses around Skiatook, but a few months ago he completed his “dream house” – a three bedroom, three bath home built over a pond specifically so he could fish through a hole in the living room floor. Not only did he build the house, he also dug the pond and stocked it himself.

But despite being a dream come true, he’s already putting it up for sale. Not because he hasn’t caught any fish (he has) and not because of the smell (though I kind of wonder about that), but because he wants to build a new bigger fishing house on an even bigger pond. “Had so much fun doing it this time, I’m gonna do it again only bigger,” he told his local news with a laugh.

A listing on Zillow says you can make your fishing dreams come true for just $219,000. Added bonus: If you ever lock yourself out, you can just swim your way back in.