This 'Fiesta Flask' Holds Tequila on One Side and Hot Sauce on the Other

It's everything you need for a party in one container.

Camarena Tequila & TAPATÍO Hot Sauce Fiesta Flask
Photo: Courtesy of Camarena Tequila

Tequila and hot sauce are two staples of any taco night. But while you're almost certain to find them together in restaurants, it's rare that you see them in the same container — which is what makes a new collaboration between Camarena Tequila and Tapatio Hot Sauce so unexpected: The brands have teamed up to create what they've billed as the "first-ever" tequila and hot sauce flask.

The otherwise standard-looking Fiesta Flask, as it's being called, is split down the middle, "allowing taco lovers to bring their tequila and hot sauce in one handheld accessory," according to the companies. Additionally, to avoid any confusion, each side features a clear window panel to reveal its contents — labeled with "Tequila here" and "Hot sauce here" — assuring you don't get the two liquids mixed up and dole out the wrong liquid in the wrong situation. (It begs the question, which is worse: pouring tequila on your tacos or pouring hot sauce in your margarita?)

Camarena Tequila & TAPATÍO Hot Sauce Fiesta Flask

"At Camarena Tequila, we're always looking for ways to enhance the taco community either by honoring the stories of those behind the scenes or providing our drinkers with tools and delicious cocktails to match," Brandon Lieb, VP for Camarena's parent company, Spirit of Gallo, stated. "Partnering with Tapatio Hot Sauce for the first-ever Fiesta Flask helps bring that to life, arming our shared fanbase with the two most pivotal taco pairings, tequila and hot sauce, in a unique, innovative way."

Though the flask certainly sounds like it might sell well at retail, Camarena has instead decided they'll be given away exclusively through a sweepstakes that will end on October 4, in honor of National Taco Day. Interested spice/spirit fans can enter to win one starting today: Simply head to Camarena Tequila's Instagram account to like and comment on the sweepstakes post using the hashtags #FiestaFlask and #Sweeps.

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