By Aly Walansky
Updated February 01, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of IKEA Taiwan

If you’ve had one too many awkward silences at dinner owing to everyone staring at their phones, IKEA Taiwan may have found the answer to all your dining etiquette needs.

IKEA Taiwan posted a video on YouTube showing a family preparing for a hot pot dinner. Instead of using gas or electricity, the pot is operated by the power from their smartphones. By relinquishing their phones, the family—without texting or social media distractions—is forced to enjoy their meal together.

Some members of the family are hesitant to give up their phone, but the food will only reach the right heat and cook if everyone participates. Eventually, hunger wins out and the meal is saved.

While there are no plans at this time to develop a phone-operated hot pot in real life, it brings up an interesting point: If something like this existed, would you want it? Would you give up your phone for a really delicious hot pot meal?