The F&W Test Kitchen sampled beef hot dogs from America’s major wiener brands and shared tasting notes on five picks for summer. Our winner recently made headlines regarding its kosher status, but we judge on deliciousness.

Editor Favorite: Hebrew National, $5.99 /12 oz

“Salty, snappy #1” “This is a tasty, everyday frank.” “These are very beefy tasting.” “That is a good hot dog! Juicy, snappy, salty! “Best flavor and texture—garlicky!”

Boar’s Head, $6.59/.88 lb

“Love the snap of the casing! #2” “Good! Salty, snappy.”

Kobe Beef America (Steakhouse Elite Beef), $7.99/12 oz

“Very beefy. Nice!” “Spongy but good flavor.” “There’s a lot of fat in these dogs—you can tell they’re straight meat. Funny casing.” “Tough.”

Nathan’s Beef, $5.99/14 oz

“A little soft/tender, but I like the taste.” “Too sweet for me.” “Very juicy. Quite salty.”

Ball Park, $5.49/16 oz

“Flavor is OK, but the texture is too soft.” “Very salty. Also, these are oddly sweet. It’s juicy, but juicy like it absorbed water.” “These are so airy and plump—short and fat.”