This Hard Seltzer Is Brewed with Leftover Hot Dog Water

A Texas brewery will unveil the beverage during a local hot dog festival.

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Hot dogs are an integral part of summer – whether you're firing them up on your grill or watching competitive eaters shove them down their throats on the Fourth of July. But a brewery in Fort Worth, Texas, may be pushing the boundaries of summer hot dog consumption: They're releasing a hard seltzer brewed from leftover hot dog water.

Martin House Brewing Company has, in large part, built their reputation on bizarre products, like beers made with salsa verde and mustard pickle. They also make plenty of regular beers, too, and like many other breweries, they've recently jumped on the hard seltzer trend – launching a line of Awesome Sauce Hard Seltzers. And, so, next month, they're combining these two things into one wild drink, Awesome Sauce: Bun Length – a 5.2-percent-ABV hard seltzer made with the leftover water from 52 pounds of boiled frankfurters, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Shugg Cole, the brewery's marketing director, told the paper that Martin House had joked about using hot dogs in a beer in the past, but hard seltzer actually seemed like the right format. The results will apparently taste exactly like it sounds: a boozy hot dog.

Bun Length will be officially unveiled as part of Glizzy Fest – a five-hour "Celebration of Hotdogs" – on July 16 in the backyard of the brewery. According to Facebook, the event will feature three food trucks (two hot dog and one sausage/BBQ), a hot dog eating contest, weiner dogs (aka dachshunds who will be provided with their own puppy pool), other craft vendors, and, of course, a John Cougar Mellencamp cover band. (No word if the songs he recorded under just the John Cougar or John Mellencamp names will be off the table.)

But the star of the show is Awesome Sauce: Bun Length, which will be available on draft along with a limited-run of just 420 cans selling for $4 each. The brewery says they'll also be tapping a special batch of the aforementioned Best Maid Pickle Mustard Beer because, yeah, it's a perfect pairing. Finally, for the less adventurous, about 25 other beers will also be on tap.

For drinkers, Glizzy Fest will cost $15 at the door, which includes a souvenir "Suckin on chili dogs" glass (that's a Mellencamp reference) and four pours of beer or seltzers. Non-drinkers can attend for free.

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