cheetos and doritos
Credit: © The Bagel Nook

Whether we like it or not Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have taken over America. The idea of a humble janitor, the mouth-burning snacks are incredibly popular and being hacked into all kinds of recipes, like sushi burritos and marshmallow treats. They’ve even inspired a very catchy song. The latest mashup comes from Freehold, NJ’s own The Bagel Nook and it’s, you guessed it, a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bagel.


Sure, at first mention it may sound like an abomination of all that is hole-y. (Don’t laugh at that.) Then again, the spicy red dust and suggested Cool Ranch cream cheese might also have sort of a Buffalo wings dipped in bleu cheese dressing effect. Of course if the Hot Cheetos aren’t enough tastebud torture, there’s a ghost chili cream cheese to further enflame your order. “It’s only for the brave,” The Bagel Nook owner David Berkowitz tells FWx.

The Doritos bagel is another beast entirely. Oh did I forget to mention? There’s a nacho cheese Doritos bagel, too. It’s closest cousin would probably be an asiago or cheddar cheese bagel, but you know, with more crumbs. Not that that’s a bad thing. We all tip the Doritos bag upside down to get every last one of those corny nacho-dusted bits down our gullets. Admit it. The Doritos bagel is paired with a bacon cheddar cream cheese for extra cheesy flavor. Plus, you know, bacon.


The Bagel Nook is famous for its wild takes on the classic ringed bread. “My son Alex and I came up with the Dorito bagel. After that was a success, being that we love spicy food, we came up with the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto bagel,” Berkowitz says. “We love creating and coming up with new ideas.” Other incarnations include a French toast bagel, a Fruity Pebbles bagel, a Cap’n Crunch bagel an Oreo bagel, and the Doughel, a bagel/doughnut hybrid. And you thought poppy seeds were exotic.