It's either a good thing or a terrible thing, depending on your opinion of candy corn.
hostess candy corn cupcakes
Credit: Courtesy of Hostess Brands, LLC.

Love it or hate it, 'tis the season for candy corn. With Halloween around the corner, you may have noticed that the corn-shaped candy has hit store shelves once again, both in its traditional form and in new and creative ways to ingest the sugary treat: There are candy-corn flavored Peeps. There are candy-corn flavored cookies. (Heck, there are even some brunch-flavored candy corn snacks to be had.) And now, there are Hostess brand candy-corn cupcakes that, according to some unhappy taste-testers, taste nothing like the sugary-sweet candy that comes in an orange bag.

This week, food blogger Junk Banter posted a photo of the limited-edition cupcakes. As you can see, each of the eight cupcakes per box are made with yellow cake filled with orange-colored cream, iced with yellow and white frosting, and topped with orange and white sprinkles. But that's where the similarities between the Hostess cakes and candy corn seem to end, according to Junk Banter, which is dedicated to all things junk food.

"Lies, lies, lies," Junk Banter wrote in its caption of the cakes. "Save your money on the Hostess Candy Corn Cupcakes at Wal-Mart—they're just decorated like candy corn, [but] not flavored anything like them." Others seem to wholeheartedly agree.

Snack Gator, another food blog with a focus on treats and snacks, gave the cupcakes an unflattering review earlier this week. "As I ate it, I tried really hard to detect candy corn," the blog wrote in the review on its website. "I even closed my eyes, put my pinkies out and slowly swirled it around my mouth. None of that helped. I decided maybe I needed to try just the [cream] in the middle. That must be where the candy corn flavors burst out! [But], it just tasted like the classic vanilla [cream]."

So, the moral of this story is this: if you're in search for candy-corn flavored treats this fall, you may want to stick to the traditional stuff. But for those who hate the candy corn, these mini-cakes may just be the perfect snack for the season.

Personally, we'd never say no to any cupcake. Once we get our hands on some, we'll let you know our verdict.