Each individually-packed donut contains between 50 and 70 milligrams of caffeine.
Hostess Boost™ Jumbo Donettes in Chocolate Mocha and Caramel Macchiato
Credit: Courtesy of Hostess Brands

Breakfast has plenty of classic pairings: Bacon and eggs, bagels and cream cheese, cereal and milk… Still, coffee and donuts maintain a legendary status. But why? Does this duo offer a combination of symbiotic flavors — or is it simply the ultimate mix of sugar and caffeine?

Hostess — which, beyond Twinkies, has been making their Donettes since 1940 — has just made a compelling case that the pick-me-up of caffeine may be the most essential part of this pair, releasing two new donuts with the stimulant baked right in.

The new Caffeinated Hostess Boost Jumbo Donettes, which are rolling out to convenience stores this month in both Chocolate Mocha and Caramel Macchiato, offer somewhere in the range of 50 to 70 milligrams of caffeine thanks to the boost of coffee bean extract. The result is a similar buzz to what you'd find in about a half a cup of coffee, depending on how strong you like your coffee.

"For adults who are increasingly looking for alternative sources of caffeine, our new Hostess Boost Jumbo Donettes offer a tasty, energy-boosting, grab-and-go way to jumpstart the day," explained Christopher Balach, general manager of Hostess Brands.

Hostess says these Jumbo Donettes are three times bigger than their classic Donettes (which I guess makes them about the size of a regular donut. since Donettes are mini to begin with). Both varieties are lightly glazed with the Chocolate Mocha option featuring the flavors of chocolate and espresso coffee, while the Caramel Macchiato is a mix of creamy caramel and espresso notes.

A single, individually-packaged donette has a suggested retail price of $2.49. (Each donut also contains far more calories than you'd find in a cup of black coffee 300 a pop.)

Unexpected caffeinated products always seem to garner a buzz on release, but for some reason they often struggle to find a market. In the past, we've seen products like caffeinated Snickers and caffeinated peanut butter fail to stick around. And even Jolt caffeinated gum has had a rocky road over the years.