Any caterer will tell you that the more appealing the presentation, the more popular the hors d’oeuvres. Here are a few ideas for making your appetizers disappear at record speed.
  • Add color to the rim of your favorite silver, glass or porcelain platter by lightly buttering the edge, then dusting it with a brightly colored spice like sweet paprika or turmeric.
  • Don’t use a strong spice, such as cayenne pepper; it would flavor any food that touches it.
  • Spread uncooked soba or flat rice sticks on a platter to create an attractive base that will help absorb grease from fried or buttery items.
  • Make a rustic bed with shafts of wheat or large sprigs of fresh sturdy herbs, such as rosemary and thyme; replenish them if they begin to wilt. Or tie smaller bunches of herbs with twine and use them as a garnish.