Credit: © Laura Kalcheff / Getty Images

If you're planning to spend Valentine's Day at home alone, post break-up, with a bottle of wine, depressing movies and an entire cake (that you'll most certainly eat by yourself in one sitting), you should really consider a trip to Hooters. Yes, the beer and wing-serving, scantily-clad waitress staffed (although maybe not for long) Hooters, because – like all the best promotions – you'll get free food.

For the second year in a row, Hooters will be giving away free boneless wings in exchange for photos of your horrible exes. All you have to do is a find an old pic of the loser, bring it to any location and watch it be destroyed (along with fond memories) by waitstaff and a rented paper shredder.

Customers who don't want to bid adieu publicly can also upload a photo to the Shred Your Ex website which asks a few questions before letting you virtually shred, burn, bury or throw darts at it. From there, you'll receive a coupon for their buy 10, get 10 free offer.

Hooters never really crossed our minds as the perfect Valentine's Day spot (unless you're a lonely and single dude), but things just got a hell of a lot more exciting.