By Aly Walansky
Updated March 01, 2016
© Dmitry Idanov / Getty Images

In a sign that gold stars are so last generation, the headmaster of a school in China has been rewarding academic excellence with something less shiny, but potentially more useful—bags of raw pork.

The middle school, which is located in Zhejiang, just outside of Shanghai awarded raw pork to 45 students, with bigger bags gifted for greater academic achievement.

There was a tier system to these awards with top-scoring kids receiving about 5 ½ pounds the kids at the second level of achievement receiving just over 2 pounds.

The headmaster of the school chose pork as the gift because it was ‘down to earth’ and could be shared with the whole family. Except, we presume, vegetarians.

Pork is a relatively new reward system for the school, which used to award academic excellence with cash. This new gift is supposed to be worth roughly the same as the cash gift, except rather than putting pennies in your piggy bank, the kids are banking pig.

Bringing home the bacon, indeed.