Last night's episode took The Simpsons on an epic food tour of the Crescent City.


The Simpsons love food. No, it's not just Homer's large appetite we're talking about here. The show and it's creators have often paid homage to what we eat, whether it's the many hilarious moments of edible humor like Flaming Moe's, Tomacco, a Squishee bender, and the much-memed Steamed Hams, to multiple episodes featuring celebrity chefs and, in one case, one episode featuring a ton of familiar food media faces.

On last night's episode, the Simpson family headed down south to Lousiana when their flight to Gainesville, FL is rerouted to New Orleans due to "turbulence among the passengers." Of course, no trip to NOLA would be complete without a bite to eat at one of the city's many amazing restaurants and culinary delights curated from over 300 years of history and culture. And given that aforementioned appetite, Homer Simpson left no stone unturned when it came to hitting up every hotspot the city has to offer.

After first discovering the joys of drinking on the sidewalks of Bourbon Street, Homer tries to cheer up a forlorn Lisa by helping her discover "a thousand little things you love about the city." Of course, they're all food. From po-boys and muffuletta to boudin and pecan pie, here are all the places Homer hit up on his epic food tour of New Orleans:

"There's also a lot of historical sites," Lisa interjects during the montage. While that's true and a very valid point, we're inclined to agree with Homer's priorities on this one. You can watch the entire episode on Hulu.

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