A heart attack-inducing breakfast, elevated.

Credit: FOX / Getty Images

Based on his antics in nearly thirty years of episodes, there’s absolutely no reason anyone should want eat like Homer Simpson. But it turns out, even the cartoon dad’s most artery-seizing cravings can turn into something beautiful. Such is the case with season four, episode three of the long running animated sitcom in which Homer gives us the secret recipe for “moon waffles.”

In the episode “Homer the Heretic,” moon waffles play an inconsequential role with regard to the plot. On a frigid Sunday morning, Homer opts to play hooky from church when his bad morning is capped off with ripped pants. Home alone, he indulges in a hot shower, dropping a swear word or two, using the bathroom with the door open, and cranking up the thermostat. Then he heads to kitchen as his personal day is “the perfect chance to make my patented, space-age, out-of-this-world moon waffles!” The ingredients are a heavy does of caramels, some premixed waffle batter, liquid smoke and a stick of butter, which the burnt breakfast pastry is wrapped around like a tortilla and secured with a toothpick, but not before enjoying a fingerful of “waffle runoff,” which is officially what that batter overspill is called. “Mmm… fattening.” Indeed, Homer.

While there’s no explanation given to the lunar name, the concept of smoky, sweet and buttery waffles does sound rather out of this world. So YouTuber Andrew Rea, whose Binging with Babish channel is entirely dedicated to pop culture cuisine, decided to turn what would be a breakfast disaster into a rather elegant brunch option. Rea first makes the recipe the way Homer does in the episode, with unsurprisingly unappetizing results. But with all the elements in mind, he then shows you how to whip up a batch of the fictional dish using homemade caramel sauce, fluffy homemade waffle batter, browned butter and smoked sea salt to finish. It’s a much more refined take that won’t leave you saying “D’oh!” the next time you get your blood pressure checked.

The rest of the episode centers around Homer opting out of church for good and starting his own religion in order to absorb the joys of lazy Sundays in perpetuity. Adding to his list of sins is ruining a perfectly good waffle maker with gobs of impossible gooey candy.