By Farrah Shaikh
Updated December 03, 2015
Credit: © Jaclyn Bell @ Cooking Classy

Whether you were allowed to eat them as a kid or wished you could after seeing the commercials, Pop Tarts still fascinate us to this day. Wrapped in grey foil and rock hard there is something comforting about the sugary pastry. Because most Pop Tarts we have had have been stale and crumbly, leaving much to be desired we sought out recipes for homemade Pop Tarts. From sweet to savory, these homemade pop tarts will satisfy your breakfast pastry craving.

Cooking Classy's Pop Tarts

The best part of Pop Tarts is the icing and Cooking Classy ensures that the strawberry-filled tarts have a thick layer of powdered sugar glaze.

Homemade Pop Tarts from The Smitten Kitchen

After claiming to have never consumed a pop tart until college, Smitten Kitchen sure knows how to knock out a very pretty version of the breakfast treat. Made with from-scratch pastry dough and loaded with a cinnamon-jam filling this recipe yields flaky, buttery “Pop Tarts”.

Vegan Pop Tarts

Cutting out dairy? This vegan version makes the bold claim of being healthy. Filled with a fruit compote and crust made with vegan butter, you won’t feel remorse after eating one of these for breakfast.

BBQ Pulled Pork Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts don’t have to be sweet. These pulled pork Pop Tarts seasoned with a barbecue sauce and asiago cheese are an appetizer we would devour.

Cadbury Creme Eggs Pop Tarts

Be prepared for a sugar high. These pop tarts don’t have the traditional fruit filling. Oh no, these are filled with Cadbury Creme Eggs. Twenty four mini creme eggs are roughly chopped, mixed with flour, milk and egg then loaded in between a buttery crust. Top that with a glaze and you will be shaking.

Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts

No plain-jane pastry here. The crust for these tarts are chocolatey! And so is the filling and the frosting. The full package for those who need a good shot of chocolate in the morning.

Strawberry Nutella Pop Tarts

This dough contains chocolate as well but inside is Nutella and strawberry jam. From FWx’s own Dennis Prescott, Strawberry Nutella Pop Tarts are topped with a Nutella frosting then sprinkled with rock sugar.