SodaStream soda maker

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Red Genesis SodaStream soda maker"I haven't had flat water in a month and a half," my boyfriend Michael bragged to a friend the other day. He wasn't kidding. Thanks to his inspired Christmas gift last December-a bright red chrome SodaStream—we've been luxuriously drinking fizzy water ever since. It's almost become an obsession-still water just doesn't have the same sort of excitement to it any more. Not to mention the savings—both economic and ecological—from not buying plastic bottles of seltzer water. Another added bonus: It's easier than ever now to make Campari-and-sodas and mojitos. Put our faces on the SodaStream billboard! We're its biggest fans.

But a new short documentary called Seltzer Works is making me feel a little guilty over my love for the SodaStream. The film, which airs on August 24 during PBS's POV (Point of View) series, pays tribute to one of the last remaining seltzer makers in the country, Kenny Gomberg. He makes seltzer the old-fashioned way-siphoned into glass bottles-and delivers weekly to his Brooklyn customers. I'm a sucker for those classic bottles, with their shiny metal tops. They make me crave egg creams and cherry-lime rickeys. I'm not sure I'm ready to retire my at-home soda machine, but who knows, I may be dialing up Kenny after I watch this film.

Who else has an at-home soda maker? Have you come up with any incredible new sodas or cocktails that put it to good use?