By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 19, 2015
© Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

The summer is winding down, which means so is superhero movie season, but fortunately, superhero burgers are an all-year phenomenon.

The site Comic Book Resources recently shed light on a series of official DC Comic Super Hero Cafés—two of which are currently open in Malaysia, with a third one coming soon to Singapore. To promote its September 1 opening, the Singapore location showed off many of its menu items over the weekend, including crazy meals like a Dark Knight Mini Wagyu Beef Burger (complete with a black bun featuring the Batman logo), a Superman Man of Steel BBQ Chicken Burrito (of course?) and an Aquaman Justice Jumbo Prawn Cocktail (OK, that one actually kind of makes sense somehow).

For comic book lovers, this news is probably just another reason they wish they had Superman’s ability to fly, so they could shoot halfway around the globe for lunch. Or his stomach of steel so they could down a few of his burritos. When you’re the “Man of Steel,” your stomach is also steel, right? Yes, let’s say it is. Take a look at some of the graphic novel offerings below.