After gathering lots of holiday wine questions via Twitter, Facebook and old-fashioned letters, F&W's Ray Isle supplies the answers—including the best wine to pair with latkes.

By Ray Isle
Updated March 31, 2015

Holiday Wine Questions and Answers:

Q: What are the best Californian, Italian and French wine values to go with a holiday rib roast?

A: 10 Great Reds for Holiday Roasts

Q: What's a good approach to wine when you have a large dinner party? Pick one wine (or one red and one white), or try to mix it up?

A: Wine for Parties & Gifts

Q: What wines go well with classic Hanukkah dishes?

A: Wines for Hanukkah

Q: What's a good Champagne that doesn't cost a lot?

A: Value Champagne

More Wine Tips:

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Frying herbs like rosemary, parsley and sage for less than 45 seconds in a half inch of oil makes them ultracrispy; they are delicious with tender lamb chops.
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