The pressure to cook impressive food is another cause of holiday stress, according to a new study. 
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

Apps like Facebook Messenger mean that we are more connected than ever before. But does the fact that we’re more connected virtually mean we’re less connected physically? According to new research presented by Facebook, Americans who put a limit on the distance they’d travel to see family and friends for the holidays said that 150 miles is the typical breaking point before they’ll say, you know what, let’s just video chat instead.

To be fair, traveling is one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season, and Messenger’s survey found that stress is plentiful this time of year. 78 percent of respondents said that they found holiday planning stressful, and 79 percent said they wish holiday festivities were easier to coordinate. (Though the latter is a bit of a loaded question: Who wouldn’t want things to be easier?)

Even choosing what to bring to a holiday gathering can cause unnecessary stress: 16 percent of people surveyed said they felt stressed about making sure they brought something delicious to impress other guests. (You’re an adult now. You have to learn to accept that some moms just can’t be pleased!)

Overall, people seem to have a lot of conflicting emotions this time of year. The most unanimous stat that Facebook provides is that 94 percent of respondents think that the holidays are important because you get to be with the ones you love, and yet, the survey also found that plenty of people aren’t willing to put in what is essentially a three-hour drive to see friends and family. Instead, 70 percent of Americans surveyed said that connecting with their family and friends virtually over the holidays when they can’t see them in-person makes them less stressed. Needless to say, the people at Facebook Messenger think that this is a great solution.

And, yes, for a video chat, you don’t have to make any impressively delicious food: You can just make anything and then swoon over how good it is even though you are totally lying. You can’t send a pecan pie over Facebook Messenger! At least not yet.