A multitasking timer, a slip-proof carving board and other essentials.

1 Coated whisks
Cuisipro's silicone-covered whisks won't scratch nonstick cookware when you're stirring gravy ($14; 302-326-4802).

2 Studded carving board
The studs on Williams-Sonoma's board keep meat from sliding; a well catches juices ($99; 800-541-2233).

3 Smart scale
Guzzini's "Grammy" handles up to 41/2 pounds of ingredients and you can weigh additions without emptying the container ($65; 212-252-9560).

4 Contoured bowls
The ceramic mixing bowls by Nigella Lawson and Sebastian Conran for the Terence Conran Shop are shaped for easy pouring ($90 for a set of four; 866-755-9079).

5 Measuring pitcher
The Frigoverre calibrated pitcher by Bormioli Rocco measures large amounts of liquid and doubles as a bowl for whisking dressings and sauces. A lid keeps everything fresh in the fridge ($11 from Broadway Panhandler; 866-COOKWARE).

6 Heavy-duty pan
All-Clad's 13-by-16-inch Roti stainless steel roaster comes with a nonstick rack, which has handles for easy lifting ($200; 800-ALL-CLAD).

7 Bulb baster
KitchenAid's is heat-resistant and allows you to measure liquids in the tube($13 from Kitchen etc; 800-232-4070).

8 Triple timer
Three displays on the Polder timer keep track of multiple dishes for up to 20 hours each ($25; 800-431-2133 ext. 245).

9 Angled basting brush
Williams-Sonoma's version is specially made for turkeys, with a tilted head and an extra long handle, so you can reach the back of the pan without burning yourself ($13; 917-369-1131).

10 Sharp scissors
The curved blade on Fiskars' Vîvante Chef Shears cuts poultry, pizza, crab legs and herbs easily. Plus, the handles work equally well for left- and right-handed cooks ($21; 800-500-4849).