There's a reason this season is twice as merry as the rest of the year.

Credit: DragonImages/Getty Images

If you use the holiday season as an excuse to increase your alcohol consumption, a new survey suggests that you're not alone — though the numbers might leave you surprised at just how much more drinking Americans are doing from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

The poll — sponsored by Morning Recovery, a brand with some skin in the game seeing as they sell "smart supplement" drinks intended for the morning after a hard party session — asked 2,000 Americans about their drinking habits from the fourth Thursday of November until January 1. Somewhat surprisingly, respondents said that, on average, they consumed a whopping twice as much alcohol over the holidays compared to other times of the year. But though doubling your boozing might sound excessive, the survey also found that people weren't necessarily drinking that much to begin with: The average respondent went from four alcoholic drinks a week normally, to eight per week during the holidays.

Apparently, that increase in drinking correlates to an increase in socializing. Respondents said they are 69 percent more likely to socialize over the holidays, doubling their social spending to a wallet-busting $537. And we all know talking to your boring coworkers and annoying family is not going to be enough to sustain your holiday cheer.

And of course, since Morning Recovery is a morning recovery drink, the brand also wanted to look at hangovers — but the results there might be a bit more revealing than anticipated. Seven out of ten people said that being hungover made them less productive at work during the holidays, but only one in three people said that having rough mornings dampens their holiday spirit. I'm no statistician, but it appears that leaves a solid percentage of people who are struggling at work after their holiday partying but are just like, "Who cares? It's almost Christmas!"