The 60-pound "house" is totally edible.

Tomorrow is National Gingerbread House Day. (You had December 12 marked on your calendar, right?) And in the spirit of the day, Reynolds Kitchens wanted to remind people that you too can make your own gingerbread house… by totally showing everyone up with the kind of magnificent gingerbread creation you could never manage to make yourself: a gingerbread version of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series.

Hogwarts Gingerbread House
Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Kitchens

According to the brand, this "Magical Gingerbread Castle" (hey, Reynolds Kitchens is a big company, but there's no point in wasting money by getting sued) took approximately 30 hours over three full days to build. The structure was made by the Chicago-based cake shop Urban Icing which went all out on the 48-inch wide by 36-inch long by 36-inch high Hogwarts that weighed about 60-pounds and was completely edible thanks to its mix of gingerbread, cake, crispy rice treats, and fondant. (For the record, that use of cake and crispy rice treats would have disqualified this Hogwarts recreation from the National Gingerbread House Competition which stipulates that all entries must be at least 75 percent gingerbread. Reynolds Kitchens admits their house was only about 65 percent gingerbread.)

When asked why Hogwarts, a rep for Reynolds Kitchens responded, "What's a better iconic castle from a fan-favorite movie? Harry Potter is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year."

Of course, the next obvious question is where can you see it in person? Well, sadly, the final castle only lives on in photographic form. This gingerbread Hogwarts never went on display. It also never got eaten. "We could have, but no one felt right cutting into it when we saw the finished product," the rep lamented. Instead, the castle was simply "deconstructed."

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a simpler DIY project, Reynolds Kitchens has instructions on how to make an easy DIY gingerbread house on its website. Or you can just do what they did and call Urban Icing to build your DIY gingerbread house for you!