new grilling tools, Jerk Seafood Packs

Foil Cooking

Wrap raw ingredients in a foil packet, cook it on a grill and what you've got is a hobo pack. This technique combines the freshness of steaming with the intense flavor of grilling, since the high heat caramelizes the food on the bottom of the pack. Start with Jerk Seafood Packs or another one of the recipes here, then experiment. Lightly oil the foil to discourage food from sticking, or toss ingredients with a little oil or butter. Add vegetables or fruit, then layer seafood, chicken or meat and flavorings (such as herbs, olives, capers, chiles or onions) on top. The trick is to choose quick-cooking ingredients; cut up the larger ones that require more time so that everything in the pack finishes simultaneously.

New Grilling Tools

Charcoal Companion's stainless-steel chimney starter, a device for preparing hot coals, heats evenly and is especially sturdy ($25; 800-521-0505). LamsonSharp's six-inch-wide spatula, made of stainless steel with a heatproof resin handle, is great for moving hobo packs from one part of the grate to another ($24; 800-872-6564). Rösle's stainless-steel barbecue tools have superlong handles, which keep your hands far away from the heat ($50 for the tongs; 302-326-4801).
—Monica F. Forrestall

Grilling & Health

If you lack skill at the grill, you may be damaging your health more than you're harming those poor hamburgers: Studies have shown that foods blackened on the grill contain trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing compounds. Grilling in foil greatly reduces that hazard, since food never comes in direct contact with smoke or flames, but steams inside the packet instead. There's even more reason to grill in foil: Foods cooked in their own juices retain so much flavor that you won't have to add much fat.
—Jessica Blatt

Grill Without Burning

Five new sunscreens for outdoor cooks:

B. Kamins Sunbar Sunscreen SPF-30 now comes in a fragrance-free formula that won't irritate sensitive skin ($30 for 4 ounces; 888-B-KAMINS).

Estée Lauder Body Shimmer Sunscreen SPF-15 has suspended gold flecks to make skin glitter ($22 for 5 ounces; 877-311-3883).

Kiehl's Vital Sun Protection Face & Body Spray SPF-15 is waterproof but gentle enough for the eye area ($17 for 4 ounces; 800-KIEHLS-1).

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF-30 is a lightweight lotion that is absorbed quickly, so skin doesn't feel slick or sticky ($9 for 3 ounces; 800-582-4048).

Origins Sunshine State SPF-20 contains a blend of peppermint, rosemary and mint essential oils to invigorate and soothe ($22 for 5 ounces; 800-ORIGINS)
—Jennifer Laing