Hidden Valley Ranch, salad dressing

It may seem to fans of Buffalo wings and jalapeño poppers that ranch dressing is an eternal condiment—that it has been around for time immemorial. But it actually only goes back to the mid 1950s on, surprise surprise, a California ranch.

After serving a crew of workers in Alaska a combination of buttermilk, sour cream, mayonnaise and a handful of spices, Steve Henson brought his dressing down to a newly purchased ranch in the Santa Ynez mountains, which he and his wife named Hidden Valley. They opened the ranch up for guests and continued serving Henson’s mixture, now dubbed ranch dressing. It didn’t take long for word of it to spread, even in the pre-Internet age. Ranch dressing got so big Clorox purchased it for $8 million (mmm, Clorox ranch dressing).

Check out the video from our friends at Great Big Story for the whole rundown and thank the Hensons for coming up with their creation. The idea of raw carrots and celery without it is almost unthinkable.