By Ally Levy
Updated December 10, 2015
Credit: Photo courtesy of Spoon University on Instagram

This piece originally appeared on Spoon University.

Do you ever feel that two things are just meant to be eaten together? These combinations truly complement each other and create a balance unlike any other.

These ten food pairings match perfectly with one another. Once you try them as a pair, and put that first bite in your mouth, you will never want to try one without the other. These combinations are soul mates, and I see no divorce in their future.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese

The combination of bacon, egg and cheese was first discovered after the civil war. Bacon, eggs and cheese were all eaten together beforehand, but breakfast sandwiches were American pioneers’ favorite thing to munch on when expanding west.

This trio also allows for switching things up, there are so many different types of cheeses to choose from. And don’t forget about the bread choice (bread is important). Add this combo on top of a bagel and life is complete.

Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies first came about with the invention of refrigeration. Everyone has that childhood memory of them dipping Oreos or a warm chocolate chip cookie into an ice cold glass of milk, and know that the best things in life go together like cookies and milk.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

When you think of food pairings, this is definitely one of the first ones to come to mind. This combination came about in 1917 in Pennsylvania when Harry Burnett Reese started working for the Hershey factory to support his family. After his success at the factory, he began to sell his own confections, including a treat with this combination as the star. We love you, Harry Burnett Reese.

Caramel and Sea Salt

This combo was discovered after Häagen-Dazs came out with a sea salt and caramel flavored ice cream in 2008. Since then, the combination has become the “it” thing.

You will no longer find caramel by itself, sea salt will always be there. The classic salty and sweet snack perfectly complement one another, since caramel is known to be overly sweet.

Coffee and Donuts

Who wouldn’t love a sugary, delicate and delicious donut with a big cup of joe to tackle the day ahead? This magical pair was discovered in 1948. Once donuts were considered a breakfast food, people started eating coffee and donuts together. It’s no wonder Dunkin’ Donuts is a staple for your breakfast needs.

For more of the history of food pairings, go to Spoon University.