Credit: © Sandra Denneler, Handmade Charlotte Contributor

Fine dining is fine, but don’t overlook opportunities for “fun” dining as well. If you’ve got kids at home or are a kid at heart, this simple recipe for bread rolls that look like little hippopotamuses create a cute presentation for any soup.

Sandra Denneler offered up the idea at Handmade Charlotte, and the ingredients and process couldn’t be much easier. Almost any type of frozen bread roll can be shaped into hippo bodies, heads, ears and snout. Construct your bread animals before baking them up, and then use black-eyed peas for eyes and black beans for snouts.

Since hippos are natural water dwellers, surround your bread-versions of these floating behemoths with your favorite of soup. You’re left with a wading hippo taking a little bath in your bowl of bisque.

Sure, it’s the kind of dish that probably won’t earn you a Michelin star. But it will wow an even more important group of people… your kids. Or your friends nostalgic for Hungry Hungry Hippos.

[h/t Neatorama]