Ronald Reagan had jelly beans. Richard Nixon loved cottage cheese and ketchup. John Adams started his mornings with a tall glass of hard cider. If presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton succeeds in joining their rank, she’ll be known for something spicier: raw, hot peppers.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017

Clinton’s penchant for spice has been well-documented over the years, but she recently confirmed that she’s still riding the hot pepper train during an interview with NPR. Clinton told host Ari Shapiro she started eating fresh, spicy peppers—specifically jalapeños—back in 1992 when her husband, Bill Clinton, was campaigning. “I read an article about the special immune-boosting characteristics of hot peppers,” she said. That prompted the presidential candidate, already a fan of spicy foods, to start eating one every single day. She credits the peppers for her stamina and endurance. There are limits to Clinton’s heat tolerance, though. “I can’t do them all,” she said. “Don’t meet me with a raw habanero and say, ‘OK, take a bite.’”

Want to be more like Hillary? Here are five spicy (but not too spicy) recipes featuring fresh, raw jalapeño peppers.

Spicy Raw Beet Slaw with Citrus, Scallions and Arugula
This raw beet salad is deliciously tart and spicy.

Green Mango Salad
Underripe mangoes give this salad an essential tang.

Scallop Ceviche with Aguachile
Aguachile (chile water) is a vibrant sauce made with fresh chiles, herbs and cucumbers that's fantastic on any type of fish or shellfish.

Jalapeño Chicken Salad Sandwich
Fresh and crunchy jalapeños add a zesty flavor to this lunchtime classic.

Fresh Jalapeño Hot Sauce
Use this all-purpose sauce as a marinade for chicken or sprinkle it on pork or fish tacos.