Her presidential platform includes women's rights, Obamacare, and now, the end of tipped wages.  

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
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The no-tip movement just got a serious advocate.

Hours after banking seven primary victories on Super Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came out in support of ending the tipped minimum wage, according to DNA Info, adding her voice to the growing chorus of restaurant industry insiders who are moving toward no-tip restaurant policies.

Clinton, speaking in front of supporters in Manhattan on Wednesday, praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's efforts to raise the state's minimum wage, and lamented the fact that America is the “only industrialized country in the world that requires tipped workers to take home their income in tips, instead of wages.”

No-tip advocates argue that eliminating restaurant tipping (often in favor of adding built-in restaurant surcharges) will lead to better and more equitable wages for servers. Whether or not diners can get on board with the idea, however, remains to be seen: A survey from earlier this year indicates that 81 percent of restaurant-going adults oppose the idea of abolishing tips.