Credit: © Sun Noodle

There was a time in America where ramen noodles just meant something instant in a plastic bag. But there are now high quality ramen noodle shops serving serious soup all over the country and a major player in the world of ramen is going to let you bring the good stuff home.

Known for producing the noodles behind top restaurants like Momofuku and Ivan Ramen, Sun Noodle has partnered with Whole Foods to bring two new types of cook-at-home ramens exclusively to the grocery chain’s refrigerated sections in New York City.

The new Shoyu and Miso flavored ramen kits include everything you need to make a high quality ramen meal in your own kitchen. Well, everything besides the meat, veggies, additional seasoning and award-winning chef’s touch. But they do come with noodles made fresh at Sun Noodle’s local New Jersey factory and a concentrated broth base which is enough to get started.

Whole Foods gave no mention as to whether these kits could expand out to other markets, but if the rest of the country’s lust for ramen is as insatiable as the Big Apple’s, the possibility certainly exists. There was no mention of price, but you can safely assume it won’t be six for a dollar.