By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 16, 2015
Credit: © iStockphoto

Frozen dinners don’t have to be over-salted, indistinguishable lumps buried in some sort of sauce that leave you hungry. A new store in Chicago is hoping to change that with what are essentially high-end chef-made TV dinners.

Earlier today, Eater Chicago reported on the forthcoming opening of Frozen Foodies, which is being described as a chef-driven frozen-food carryout store. Founder Steve Menza has partnered with well-regarded local Chicago chefs and restaurants to create recipes specifically for Frozen Foodies. These dishes are then designed and cooked in a Menza Food plant before being “cryogenically frozen” using “FreshFreeze” technology. They will then be sent to a Frozen Foodies store, where shoppers can peruse for a meal to their liking, take it home and heat it up in a microwave. Entrées are set to sell for between $4 and $8.

Menza will be launching Frozen Foodies with a single storefront set to open in Chicago in about six weeks. From there, he’s already talking expansion. “We think (Frozen Foodies) is a complete game-changer in the food industry,” he told Eater. “We'll open a bunch of carryout stores in Chicago before expanding to other markets.”

All the meals Menza plans to offer are set to be Frozen Foodies exclusives. And obviously, quality appears to be a major selling point for the brand. But will food lovers really go out of their way for a frozen meal? I guess you’ll know the answer if a Frozen Foodies store ever lands on your block.