Twenty-two restaurants across seven cities will be adding Hidden Valley-enhanced items to their menus.

The Gochujang Hot Ranch Chicken Sandwich at Kimski in Chicago.
| Credit: Hidden Valley Ranch

As you may or may not know, Hidden Valley is the original ranch dressing. More than a catchy name, Steve Henson first started serving the dressing he developed at his Hidden Valley Ranch in 1954. (Yes, this means that, before the 1950s, ranch dressing didn't exist. Talk about a horrible time to be alive!) Now, 65 years after its invention, Hidden Valley is finally going on a victory lap: its first “Coast 2 Coast Ranch Tour” — bringing unique Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored menu items to restaurants across the country.

Throughout the month of September, 22 restaurants across seven cities will be adding a limited-time only dish featuring Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning to their menu. The restaurants are:

25 Degrees

Rodeo Goat Ice House


Los Angeles:
Belly Bombs Kitchen
Michin Dak
The Rooster
South City Fried Chicken
Spoon by H

Como Tap

New York City:
375 Chicken 'n Fries
Boris and Horton
Clinton Hall
Manero's Pizza
Pizza Barn

San Francisco:
Aria Korean Tapas
Dragon Gate
New Spot on Polk
SF ChickenBox

As for what's being served, the dishes vary from the straightforward to the far out. For instance, fried chicken pops up plenty of places — be it HVR Fried Chicken at Como Tap or a more elaborate Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Waffle Sandwich at 25 Degrees. Meanwhile, pizza, jalapeno poppers, nachos, and tater tots are other items that get the Hidden Valley Ranch treatment. But as for the most unexpected ranch dishes, that list is probably topped by a Hidden Valley Shaker Spiced Sausage Scotch Egg from Causwells and a Savory Mochi Muffin at SF Chicken Box — with an honorable mention for Doggone's Cool Bayou' Crawfish Dog.

Hidden Valley's Coast 2 Coast Ranch Tour was put together in partnership with the site Foodbeast. You can find a list of all the restaurants and their ranch-enhanced menu items on their website.