Cover Your Walls in Ranch with Hidden Valley's New Home Collection

From wallpaper to blankets and pillows to a $10,000 couch, your home can now be dripping with ranch-inspired style.

People love ranch dressing, and even those who prefer other varieties of ranch have to admit that, as the inventor of the dressing, Hidden Valley Ranch will always carry a certain cachet. Hidden Valley likes to take that reputation and run with it — and so, over the years, we've seen all sorts of wild stunts: from individual ranch packets to hand out on Halloween to Christmas-themed RanchNog to an actual diamond ring manufactured from putting ranch seasoning under extreme pressure for five months.

Now, Hidden Valley has a new partnership designed to get fans to bring even more ranch into their home. And not just into their cupboards, but literally into every facet of their living space. Hidden Valley has launched an entire line of ranch-inspired decor with the help of interior designer Dani Dazey.

Hidden Valley Ranch x Dani Dazey Home Decor
Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

Billed as a "maximal" designer — probably most easily thought of as the opposite of minimalist designer — Dazey has a penchant for intense patterns and bold colors resulting in plenty of over-the-top options to bombard your house.

The resulting "first-ever" Hidden Valley Home collection debuts today in an ad spot where Dazey decks out the ultimate Hidden Valley Ranch and pizza-inspired room — big splashes of green, white, blue, and orange with the recognizable shapes of Hidden Valley bottles and pizza slices. Hidden Valley says that five of Dazey's items will be available for a limited time in the brand's online Ranch Shop: the wallpaper, blanket, pillows, posters and — biggest of all — the $10,000 couch.

From there, Hidden Valley has fleshed out the collection with even more items to accentuate your home — things like comforters, shams, bathmats, shower curtains, placemats, coasters, tablecloths, notebooks, bags, and pouches — all of which pop with signature colors and curves of the brand's dressing bottles.

Hidden Valley Ranch x Dani Dazey Home Decor
Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch says they hope all of these items will help fans express their love for the brand in their own homes. However, from a marketing perspective, the constant bombardment of everything ranch seems like a good way to inspire continual ranch cravings.

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