Hidden Valley Created a 'Ranch Diamond' Using Actual Ranch Seasoning

The lab-grown, salad dressing-inspired gem took five months to produce.

Hidden Valley Ranch; The Ranch Diamond
Photo: Shutterstock; Hidden Valley Ranch

Concerns about the diamond trade along with improving technology has led to a steady increase in the lab-grown diamond market, with one industry analyst telling Discover last year that manufactured diamonds now make up as much as four to six percent of diamond sales.

But if you need more proof that the ability to produce gem-grade diamonds continues to evolve, here's a shocking first for salad and chicken wing lovers: Hidden Valley Ranch has created a first-of-its-kind diamond that was made from actual Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning.

The resulting two-carat diamond ring, described by HVR as "a beautiful and timeless way for ranch lovers to show their love for each other and ranch," is being put up for auction today (which also happens to be National Ranch Day) will all proceeds from this unique gift going to the charity Feeding America.

"Last year, when one of our custom Valentine's Day bottles was used in a marriage proposal, we were inspired," Deb Crandall, the brand's marketing director, said in an announcement. "We saw a love of ranch become part of one of life's most beautiful moments. It made us wonder, how can we make this act of love even more memorable."

The Ranch Diamond
Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

So how does one turn ranch into diamonds? Hidden Valley says "The Ranch Diamond" began life as Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning that was first heated to 2,500 degrees then crushed beneath 400 tons of pressure. Five months later, out popped a lab-produced diamond that was polished and given a round brilliant cut before being set in a 14K white bold band. The finishing touch was an engraving on the inside of the band: "HVR LVR."

The Ranch Diamond
Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch

Bidding will be open from today until March 17, with an opening bid of $310 — in honor of the date — at TheRanchDiamond.com (which redirects to eBay). HVR promises the winning bidder will receive the ring by March 20, which also happens to be National Proposal Day. The ring arrives in a custom Hidden Valley Ranch ring box with a custom jewelry pouch.

Will a Hidden Valley Ranch diamond ensure that your significant other says yes to your proposal? Not necessarily. But if they do say yes, that seems like a pretty good sign that you've found true love.

Meanwhile, a Hidden Valley Ranch diamond is just one of many over-the-top stunts the creator of ranch dressing has pulled off in recent years, along with the likes of RanchNog, Ranch trick-or-treats, and giant inflatable ranch bottles.

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