The award-winning British chef is launching a new grill "inspired by the 4,000-year tradition of kamado-style and man-made ceramic clay cooking."
Heston Blumenthal
Credit: Courtesy of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal

One of the most famous chefs in the world has unveiled a new product to improve home grilling. Heston Blumenthal, of three-Michelin-starred The Fat Duck in England, has designed a grill with the Australian company Everdure that's "inspired by the 4,000-year tradition of Kamado-style and man-made ceramic clay cooking." The 4K, the latest in his collection for Everdure, will be available in the U.S. later this fall at Williams Sonoma.

Blumenthal tells Food & Wine that the unique thing about this grill, which costs $2,699, is its versatilityand its ability to get very, very hot. Blumenthal says he cooked a "perfect" Neopolitan pizza in two minutes. ("The test is to have the basil leaves still come out green while the pizza is cooked.") The grill has built-in probes to test the temperature inside of the grill and a fast-ignition system, with easier roasting, high-heat grilling, and smoking in mind.

"In the past, to [test the temperature], you’d have had to open the lid to take the temperature of what you were cooking which meant you lost a lot of heat in the process," he said. "This would also happen if you had to add more charcoal." With the 4K, you can reload charcoal through the side.

While Blumenthal's grilling go-to is burgerspretty classiche likes to experiment, too.

"It may be a British thing, but I do like grilling fruits, pineapples, peaches, strawberries," he says. "Also, a spit-roasted sirloin, cooking low and slow, about two hours. See, impossible to have one favorite."

The chef says he is working on more products, but can't give any details without getting in trouble. To Blumenthal, grilling reminds us of what makes us human.

"Cooking over fire was the beginning of mankind, and it is what makes humans distinctive from any other species," he says. "It was fire that allowed us to do what no other animal can do and form groups, start conversation, heat food so we can get more from it and not have to hunt and gather all the hours of the day."