Watch out for that liquid center. 

Credit: Hershey's

Up until October 2018, when Hershey's Hot Cocoa Kisses hit store shelves, the candy company hadn't released a new holiday season-adjacent Kiss flavor in ten years—white chocolate Candy Cane Kisses first came out in 2008, around the same time we discovered the joys of Rick Rolling. But, Valentine's Day has always been a different story for Hershey's, flavor innovation-wise. In 2017, the brand experimented with cupcake Kisses, and now, we have a new Kiss inspired by another popular dessert: chocolate lava cake.

On store shelves now, the candies combine a dark chocolate shell with an oozy, liquid dark chocolate center. It's best to pop the whole thing in your mouth at once, as the "lava" portion of the Kisses—which tastes a lot like Hershey's syrup—seems desperate to escape its solid cocoa prison. There's a recipe on the back for Brownie Lava Cakes, where the Kisses themselves melt into a molten center. It sounds pretty good!

Speaking of chocolate lava cake, it actually has an interesting history. Most people believe it was invented by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who began serving the dessert—a barely-baked mix of melted chocolate and butter folded into whipped eggs and egg yolks—in 1987. However, it didn't really take off until 1991, when he put it on the menu of his New York City restaurant JoJo (there, it was called The Chocolate Valrhona Cake). Within months, fellow famous chefs from Tom Colicchio to Jacques Torres were offering versions of their own, and by 1998, molten chocolate cake had earned a spot on the Chili's menu (it's still there today). Vongerichten basically gave diners at some of the world's fanciest restaurants the confidence to publicly indulge in raw batter, and for that we (and, probably, Hershey's) are eternally grateful.